Just Another Day..

A day life story and rumblings, what will we be if we didn't have a story to tell. It's been said 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. Knowing the existence, knowing it to be alive strongly, it's so real but by not knowing where it is, hurts and tortures up to my deepest soul. [...]

Lovely Austere Collections by Rina

Pashima, Selendangs, Shawls, Long/Short Tee, Pure Silk Shawls, Chiffons, Blouses and many more are sold here with beautiful and affordable prices [...]
Guns N 'Roses

Adorable Muslimah

Adorable Muslimah offers young women contemporary fashionable blouses and apparels to suit modern women needs. At very affordable prices, Adorable Muslimah has set great goals for young Muslim women to look presentably modest and professional. Our lines includes blouses for almost every look you want: be it casual, sophisticated and trendy. [...]
Guns N 'Roses

Zara Cute Wear

We offers variety cute wearz for kidz and it is all the way from LONDON! We sells 100% AUTHENTIC items only. All items are NEW and we fly them all the way from LONDON to you unless stated from UK or USA. [...]

Cupcakes Addicts

If you are keen to know more about themes of Cupcakes(colors, wordings and designs), price(varies), delivery(at your doorstep for Klang Valley customers), please do not hesitate to call me at 012-2987347 or email me at ezraredza@yahoo.com [...]

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Ipod Can Make Your ear Buzz

Music is one way to wake the spirit, to create happy life, but what happens if the music makes the ears buzz? of course, not the music that makes the ear 'buzzy',[...]